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(Melodic Passion Records) New record release for Clarence B Thunborg, old lion of the rock scene, very active in the 70s and 80s between Sweden and the United States as a singer and bassist.

A wealth of experience put at the service of an author’s rock, gritty and melodic at the same time, a bit like Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams, between pandering refrains and captivating melodic lines, ideal for listening while travelling, launched on the motorway.

“Untamed” is the perfect opener, with rough guitars and very powerful four-quarter drums, on which Clarence’s hoarse and captivating voice stands out. “Tomorrow I’m Gone” involves with its funky flow combined with vaguely Pink Floyd melodies. “Lonely Souls” is darker and more rarefied, dominated by keyboards and bass with atmospheres close to the more reflective U2. But the highlight, the one that alone is worth the price of the album, is the single “Remarkable Man”, a song full of pathos with Hammond and guitars that take the lead and lead to the melodic and compelling chorus. Experience, renewed inspiration and innate class make “Reflections” a must for lovers of American rock art!

Rating: 10/10

Matteo Piotto, Metal Head

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