Clarence B Thunborg was born and raised in Sweden and got firs hist taste of music as the lead singer and bass guitar player in a punk band in the late ’70s.


Heavy rock continued to guide him through the ’80s playing with various local band with the influences from Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Van Halen.


In the early ’90s artists like Genesis and Peter Gabriel inspired the symphonic rock band Grand Stand where he was playing bass and later on as the lead vocalist and bassplayer in the Swedish poprock band Lloyd.


While Clarence had been making music since the late ’70s, he to eventually have to put it on the back burner to focus on family and a “civil” career.Of course, life is a continuous occurrence of changes and when by various circumstances he were finally able to focus on music again, grabbed the opportunity and released the first single ‘Miss you Darling’ 2016 followed up by ‘Behind Your smiling eyes’ in 2021 and his first album ‘Reflections’ was released worldwide via Melodic Passion Records and Sound Pollution in September 2023.

Since 2018 Clarence spend most of his time in Orange, Southern California where he’s rocking with more pop notes weaved in between personal music.

Clarence is currently busy mixing new recorded material that will be released during 2024.




Bse 120

Behind Smiling Eyes “Attitude”

Miss You Darling

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Photos: Patrik Andersson
Balonka Universe AB


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